Ena L Shed
Holistic Life Fit Coach
(Wellness Coach / Fitness Coach / Mentor / Speaker/ Triathlete / Bikini Competitor)
Specializing in her own method of coaching:

Benefits of "I AM" Wellness Living Coaching:
~ Mind, Body & Spirit Connection    
~ Life Transformation
~ Path seeking                              
~ Stress Reduction
~ Detoxification                             
~ Weight Loss
~ Body Sculpting   
~ Holistic Nutritional Guidance

Plus much more...
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~ What's going on with Els ~
" I live by it and I love it!" - Ena L Shed
"I used Shakeology for my bikini competition and
I can personally say it works wonders, I lost 15lbs!"  - Ena L Shed

~ You have control of your mind which controls your body, Your words and thoughts will create your reality ~

Transformation is ageless...

Interested in:
Affordable fitness for Everyone!
The best 30 minutes of your day!

~ Affiliated Companies ~
I'M a WITS Coach and I love the kids!!!
I'm a COACH! come Join ME!!!
~ Motivation ~
Beginning early 2015
"I AM" Healing Into Wellness Workshops:
~ "I AM" Healing Life Tools (Transformational Techniques)
~ The Power of Movement
~ Plus much more...
This is a low-impact, high-intensity workout that  combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of Yoga.
Fit Challenge!
.Monthly Fit Challenges to test your limits no matter what your fitness lever is.
100 Daily Crunch Challenge!
ABS of steal baby!!!
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